My Thanksgiving Essentials

November 24, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Most of this week’s essential events include turkey, football, good friends, and shopping but there are 2 releases I’m looking forward to: Adam Lambert’s new CD (out Tuesday) and The Road (out Wednesday.)

But it’s that time of the year for me to give thanks to the people that matter most:

Lady Gaga, I want to thank you first for this. No one will ever wear a mane the same way again.

Thanks a lot Kanye for propelling Taylor Swift into the position of America’s sweetheart, ensuring her success for years to come.

Black Eyed Peas, Thank you for your song “Boom Boom Pow.” It truly proved, once and for all, that no one cares about lyrics.

Will Ferrell, or should I say, W. thanks for sharing this story:

Thank you Tina Fey for writing a show that stars you as a loser, completely inept with relationships or life. It makes the show so funny.

Thanks 500 Days of Summer for one of the best dance sequences ever:

Bill Murray, thank you for putting in that cameo.

And most importantly, thank you Sarah Palin for distracting the Republican party from finding a viable candidate for 2012.

Howling at New Moon

November 20, 2009

Everyone’s getting in on it- mocking the Twilight series. And I applaud them. There is so much to make fun of and laugh at. I’m still baffled, by the way, as to why anyone likes the last book…

But I digress…because it’s so rampant, here are my top 3 favorite Twilight/ New Moon parodies.

3. New Moon parody on Jay Leno.

2. Taylor Swift on SNL. Her Bella is pitch perfect.

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1. Jimmy Fallon as Robert Pattinson. If you like it check this out.

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Obama Calls Kanye a “Jackass”

September 15, 2009

For all of you that live under a rock, rapper extraordinaire, Kanye West was his usual pompous self when he stole the show and the microphone at this year’s VMA’s. After Taylor Swift won the award for video of the year, Kanye went berserk, took the microphone from her hand and proceeded to scream that Beyonce should have won. Oh boy, I feel a new Nottie coming on!

The hilarious thing, according to Politico, via ABC’s Terry Moran on Twitter, is that apparently President Obama called Kanye a jackass for his antics. OMG, I hope that’s true!!! Because if it is, this will be the first time that I have ever agreed with our president on something. Yay for common ground! I mean, who would have thought that Kanye West would be the one to finally bring us together?


I am finally adding the audio! So late I know, but I’m busy!!!