Hanna’s Hotties and Notties: Glenn Beck vs. Wolf Blitzer

October 19, 2009


Glenn  Beck vs. Wolf Blitzer

If you haven’t heard the story of “Balloon Boy” by now, you have to be totally out of it. So to catch you up, “Balloon Boy” is 6 year old Falcon Heene who was supposedly launched in a homemade hot air balloon high above the Colorado skies… or not so much. The big story covered for hours by all the cable news networks turned out to be (you guessed it) a big fat hoax. And the ridiculous lie broke while the Heene family was being interviewed by none other than Wolf Blitzer.

What makes Wolf a total Nottie is the utter lack of journalistic ability he displays in interviewing the Heene family. Clearly little Falcon announces to CNN and the world they did the stunt “for the show” yet Wolf completely ignores it and refuses to pursue that little tidbit of information. So how did he get a job working for CNN with his own show? Even I (who has no journalistic background whatsoever ) would have had the guts to call the crazy Heene family out after getting that juicy statement from the voracious little Falcon. And for being such a lousy so-called reporter, and refusing to follow the lead, Wolf Blitzer is the nottie of the week.

Then there’s Glenn Beck, who I honestly never thought would make the hottie list;  but nonetheless, here he is. And the reason being is because he was one of the only shows on the cable news networks that didn’t waste the whole time covering the sensational  Heene family balloon fiasco. Beck kept doing what he does best, uncovering radicals in the Obama administration. And unlike Wolf Blitzer, Beck is  not at all afraid to ask the tough questions of anyone, no matter what your personal opinion of him is. On this particular day he broke the big news of Anita Dunn, Obama’s new White House Communication’s director, and her admiration of mass murderer and Chinese Communist, Mao Tse Tung.

Now I will let you jump to your own conclusions about Anita Dunn and Glenn Beck (and those conclusions shouldn’t be difficult); but for sticking with his own story and not backing down from a search for truth, Glenn Beck is a major hottie.