September 24, 2009

I can’t be anything but fair and balanced, maybe Fox News means it as a pun, but I still believe there are 2 sides to every story, the truth is usually somewhere in the middle- not on the left or right.

Take Van Jones. You can see Hanna’s post on Jones for the right side of the story. After he resigned, Arianna Huffington wrote an column called “Thank You Glenn Beck.” The Jones Huffington knew was completely different than the one Beck painted. And I think you can find the most honest portrait by looking at them both.

Beck’s Jones was a compilation of sound bites and warnings about what he’d do, while Huffington is friends with Jones, she calls him “a thoughtful leader” and actually recounts the time she asked him about the 9/11 truther thing.

So much information has been rolling around in my head about Beck, his followers, the administration, the truth, but this morning something connected: Republicans stand for small government- they want their freedom of choice, to live their own lives how they want, to face whatever consequences come with those choices, but when Beck essentially lets loose big brother, no one speaks up about freedom?

When Beck pulls a Minority Report and predicts what someone is capable of through one clip (like Cass Sunstein) then tells his viewers to look up videos of his chosen prey, why aren’t you adverse to that? All he needs are 2 or 3 sound bites, mistakes, videos and he washes his hands before calling an entire life corrupt.

If you recognize a tax on Coke could lead in a direction towards taxing many other “sin” items like Hanna’s choices “cookies, cream, candy bars, and cakes,” Why can’t you recognize where this new form of one sided journalism could lead?

It could be you. They can turn your life into a single sound bite to discuss, criticize, and speculate on without asking you a single question, without interviewing one of your friends or neighbors. They’ll talk to people who only know you through a 45 second clip and dismiss that there’s any other truth.

By this method, I have no doubt that every single living person could be taken down.

If you are worried about our future of freedom, then I don’t see how Coke prices rank higher than the future of honest, unbiased journalism.

The Green Jobs Czar is Feeling Blue Today

September 6, 2009


At midnight last night Van Jones, Obama’s so called”Green Jobs Advisor” resigned due his radical associations that have been brought to light by Glenn Beck and others. As I hope you are well aware, Van Jones is one radical we should be thankful is no longer influencing policy decisions by our president. Besides referring to Republicans as “assholes” he has had a long history of radicalism that has been very well documented, from his involvement in the Marxist group STORM; to the accusation that white polluters dumped toxins in black communities;

to comparing George Bush to a crackhead;

to the fact that he was a“Truther,” though he now denies it.

But what gets me is how some on the Left are in denial about the kind of a radical Van Jones is and they are saddened by the fact that Van Jones is no longer shaping policy in our county:

Un-freakin-believable!!! I am sorry, Howard Dean, but explain to me how he’s spent his entire life devoted to hatred of our country and radicalism, to all of the sudden disavowing everything he has believed in and fought for overnight? In my opinion, that’s impossible. And the fact that you and so many of your brethren on the Left just accepted Van Jones and hoisted him to a place of power in our government scares the crap out of me. So call me a crazy conservative wingnut, but I will say one thing, we are better off today without our “hometown hero,”  Mr. Jones, advising our President. Keep up the good fight.