Hanna’s Hotties and Notties


I had totally decided that I was done with American Idol, and then they have to go and do something to keep me committed for at least another season. A couple of days ago, it was announced that the one and only funny gal Ellen would replace Paula Abdul as the new fourth judge on American Idol. And oh boy am I excited! I know from from her comments as a guest jugde on SYTYCD, that she will probably be too nice and she knows nothing about talent (because everyone is good), but she will be damn funny like she always is and a down-to-earth, breath of fresh air for the show. Plus I just know she’s got some great snarky comebacks for both Seacrest and pompous Simon Cowell. So bold move AI producers and brilliant pick. You kept at least one fan this season by hiring my new Hottie of the week, Ellen. By the way, here’s one of my FAVE clips from her show. Enjoy!

And then there’s the Nottie, poor little botoxicated Paula. I for one am glad she is off the show. For the last several years, we have had to endure her drug-induced nonsensical comments. But all her ridiculous antics were totally outdone by this disastrous and in my opinion, embarrassing performance on AI. Here’s the clip (start it at 1:29 to skip the bullcrap at the beginning).

I mean, not to hate, but don’t you think your a little to old to be acting like that? You aren’t 20 anymore, your like 72 and I don’t want to see that out of someone that could be my grandmother. Oh, and by the fact that you “are just here for the music” and not the kids is one of the main reasons you are not “here” anymore. Well that and the fact that you had to have more money, I guess over $10 million just wasn’t enough. I wish you well in your endeavors, but am glad I won’t have to listen to you drewl and drone 2 nights a week. Paula Abdul- total Nottie!


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